Live Bars – How to join this project for free

If you’re a hip-hop artist/singer, you’re invited to join my “Live bars” project for FREE.

You only need two things for this project:

  • Phone
  • Dope bars

I am providing beats, video editing, and promotion for free.

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Why should you join?

Well, first of all, I found that reels and youtube shorts are really good ways to promote content in our times. But, there’s a problem.

If you wanna put the whole song into a reel, it just wouldn’t work. You can’t fit the whole message into one minute.

But you can fit a whole verse into it, right?

So, we can showcase our skills and benefit from the big exposure that reels/shorts are giving us in Live Bars, without doing anything awkward like dancing or doing trendy challenges. That’s nice!

Live bars artists

So, you got bars?

If you’re new to this, don’t worry! Project “Live bars” is designed to be simple and easy to produce. Follow these 3 simple steps and watch the video below to understand what exactly you need to do.

Step #1 – Download Live Bars beats

First, I prepared special beats for Live Bars that you can jump on. It must be these beats because I recorded my video part on them (live beat making) and it will be combined with your video. Click here to download beats (opens in a new window).

When you click the above link, it will look something like the image below. Then simply click the “Download folder” button to download all of the beats inside.

Live bars download beats help

Step #2 – Record your video

Record a video of yourself rapping over one (or more beats if you want even more exposure) that you downloaded from the links above.

I suggest that you record video in vertical resolution so it covers more screen as it will look better on phones and it will be less work for me to adjust everything.

We are optimizing this content for mobile phones because there is a much wider audience of people (but it will work on computers too).

Live bars recording tip

I will do video editing for all Live Bars submissions, so just send your video without any extra production, FXs, or anything like that, just raw video.​

It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary or something that will make you postpone, just play the beat on something, drop some bars, and record yourself.

The whole point is to be able to create more content and keep it simple and fast while doing what we love.

But hey, if you wanna be creative, you are free to do so. But it’s not really a requirement for this project.

Step #3 – Send me your video file

Upload your Live Bars video file and send it to You can use Wetransfer, Mediafire, or GoogleDrive for upload, then just send me the link.

If you need any help or have a question about Live Bars, hit me up on Instagram at @vordabeatzz and I’ll get in touch with you real quick.

Now let’s get to work!


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